Training Done for YOU!!!
You know your Neurotype, now it’s time to train accordingly.
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  Type 1A 
  Type 2B 
  Type 1B
  Type 3
  Type 2A 
8 weeks of Training Done for YOU!!!
  Type 1A 
Type 1A’s are very competitive and motivated by lifting heavy. They can handle high frequency of neurological work but do not recover well from too much volume.
This program includes a 4 days/week body-part focused (chest, back, legs, shoulders) split. 
You can use this template to get strong as hell or to lean out and get shredded depending on your dietary protocol.
  Type 1b
Type 1B’s are explosive by nature and very performance focused. They get bored easily so they thrive on variation and utilizing motor coordination.
This program includes a 4 days/week (push, pull, legs, total body) split over the course of 8 weeks.  

If you want to improve your physique or have performance goals, this can help you get there.
  Type 2A 
Type 2A’s need the most variety and can handle a mix of neurological and muscular work. However, they tend to show signs of mental fatigue if training gets too repetitive. That’s why we keep things fresh and utilize different intensity methods and rep schemes while intelligently progressing.
This program includes a 4 days/week (upper body, lower body, total body A, total body B) split.
This program can help you make progress while staying engaged and avoiding boredom.

  Type 2B 
Type 2B’s are very muscularly driven. They love to FEEL their muscles working and love nothing more than a great pump! 2B’s can handle a lot of volume, as long as it’s muscular and they keep neurological volume very low.
This program includes a 4 days/week body part (upper body, lower body, upper body, lower body) split focused on improved mind-muscle connection and muscular development and growth.
You will feel your muscles working as you make body recomposition progress with this program.
  Type 3
Type 3’s love to follow a plan. They are very structured in their thinking and need to feel in total control of what they’re doing. Too much variety can hurt their progress. That’s why we keep progressions built in a gradual manner to ensure results.
This program utilizes a 4 days/week (upper body, lower body, total body A, total body B) split.

If you are looking to improve your physique while mastering movement, this program can help you get there.
End the frustration and boredom today!
Train for your Neurotype!

8 Weeks of Training for Your Neurotype 

You'll receive 8 weeks of training built specifically for your Neurotype.
Within your personality-based template, you'll be given the exact progressions, sets, reps, and
tempo direction you need to maximize your progress. We remove the guesswork on how to properly perform the movements by providing 
video demos for each exercise.
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What Equipment do I need for these workouts?
  • Dumbbells, weight bench, long loop-style resistance bands (*there are some barbell-based movements, which can be adjusted for DBs)
  • “Nice to have”: Kettlebells, jump rope, box/platform, med ball, stability ball, cardio equipment (treadmill, row machine, bike)
Combination of bodybuilding, functional movement, core development, conditioning
 Body recomposition
Testimonial from a Neurotype 1B:

 "I've tried numerous times to get started and always lost interest. This time, I was doing a total body bodybuilding-style program, which went well... for a while. Then I read the Personality Diet and really got excited learning more about neurotransmitters. Found out I'm 1B and tried out a program made for us. I got to do box jumps and sprints...the program is explosive. I'm in love. I've never looked forward to working out." ~ Dylan

Testimonial from a Neurotype 3:

"I typically love to follow a plan, and I’m somewhat reluctant to switch too often...A template was great for me because the progressions are similar enough that I still feel comfortable , but different enough that I keep making progress."  ~ Meera

  • ​Stop wasting time in the gym
  • ​End the frustration you are experiencing from program hopping
  • ​Improve your strength, performance, and recovery
  • ​Work directly with your unique physiology to accelerate the results
  • ​Stop wondering HOW, and simply start CRUSHING IT!
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